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We started our company out of the love of the sport. We are based out of Las Vegas, NV and when our city started struggling after loosing its youth travel program. I personally reached out to many company’s and received very little support. That’s when I took to the internet and found some help of my own. Now a days with the cost to play being driven up, The last thing a player needs is to pay an arm and a leg for the same equipment that is said to protect that very arm and leg!  That is where we come into play. We offer prices that are unbeatable by any of our competitors. (See for yourself in our web store.)  The main focus of ours is to bring together team chemistry and charisma, We believe it all starts with a teams image. “Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good”. Originally came to be through the custom uniform game, and have further developed ourself to a full product line. We are the only true custom uniform company, with you being able to choose your neck option, material choice, and us designing artwork specifically for you its like they are being tailor for your team! These are the most custom uniforms you’ll find on the web today! All at a fraction of the price.

Please all teams feel free to inquire on sponsorship deals!

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